Ghost Hunt – Napier – 20/11/2013

Tonight was the night of the ghost hunt in the Napier Pub in Sheerness.

This was my second visit to this location so I already had an idea of what to expect.

As usual I went along with with duo DK and Star, I have found that with all them ghost hunts I have been on with them I have not bee disappointed.

Upon entering the cellar we were put through the usual relaxation techniques to get everyone relaxed and open. Whilst we were doing this I got the sensation of someone standing with their face very close to mind in an intimidating kind of way. I was interested to hear later in the night when I was speaking to the person who was stood next to me that she felt something very similar at the same time.

We tried to get the people into trances and had the spirit of a lady called Caroline try to come through into one of the ladies which was attending. It seemed as though this spirit in life may have be a maid of some sort.

Other people during the night seems to semi trance but may seemed not to go under fully. We did get the screaming monk to come through towards the end of the night, but he was reluctant to speak.

We did some communication with the spirit board and got a selection of spirits trying to come through.

Table tipping was under took in the barrel room, and this time we saw a lot of energy on the table with it tipping quite a lot with big movements, it was even tipped completely over on a few occasions. This was the spirit of Peter, who seemed to be an older chap. Through our hosts communication with him it seemed that he was a gay man, who during his time alive had raped young woman.

I was asked to trance, and I think it may have put at ease the minds of others who were reluctant to try.

I “meditated” in the usual manor to put myself in a completely relaxed state to allow the spirit entry. On this occasion I was give Peter’s company.

It is quite an odd experience going into trance, especially when you are new to it. Your body makes subtle movements, like your leg wobbling as though to take a step, and you find yourself questioning whether it is yourself or the spirit. The best thing I was told was just to relax and go with it.

My spirit was then asked questions and to make movements, to which we did walk forward. With what I was being asked I felt an anger inside of me, the want to lash out. I could feel my left hand clenching and wanted to lash out and punch one of our hosts for the night. Of course I did not, but I think this was more me not allowing it too. Our other host pick up my right hand and arm and each time she did this it just flopped back down next to me. But as I continued to move forward I felt as though I wanted to life my right arm as though to grab our first host by the throat.

My spirit during this time was also asked to speak, to which my answer was a repeated “F**k Off” in a more aggressive tone each time. Also I felt the spirit getting frustrated at being asked questions and he can out with “Shut Up” quite a few times as well.

It was then time for my spirit to go back to his own form and he was taken out of me. Part of this process is to breathe them out, and you can feel your breath change as you do so, it is though you are trying to push out a thick fog. Once they are out you feel a little wobbly and I needed to sit down. I had pins and needles in my legs, both my arms and quite bizarrely my top lip.

I feel that I am pretty lucky in that I can remember everything about my trance as many people find that they can not. I feel it a privilege to be able to do this as it is something to be experienced, but I would never attempt this on my own, only in the company of those who know what they are doing.

There were a few other trances during the night and the usual people leaving as they felt uncomfortable or upset.

All in all a very very good night with plenty of activity.

Full Moon

Last night was Novembers full moon. This moon of the year has many names including Snow Moon, Beavers Moon, Frost Moon, Mourning Moon and Tree Moon. There are probably my more but either way it is that time of the month when those of the magical pressurisation usually decide to to refresh and charge their tools “of the trade”.

For me that is crystals, I have been obsessed with them for a long as I can remember. I got home later than expected and it was already dark out and a nagging headache meant I was in not fit mind to take in any time under the moon. Also an early night and a handful of painkillers was all I was looking forward to to dull the migraine that was threatening to creep into my head.

However I did manage to get all of my crystals together and placed them outside so that they could be cleansed by our blessed moon. It was very foggy but I know that she will still be able to work her magic over them.



I am sure that my other half thinks that I am competently bonkers and I usually pass my actions off as some sort of eccentric maddens. This is usually greeting with “you weirdo” or “your no hurting anyone”, but I know it is all said in the most loving way possible.


As I Stand

I stand there with the cool wind whipping my face, whispering its secrets from the day just gone.

A train zips past, full of empty minded people totally unaware that I watch them on their journey home. Home lights in the distance hover like static lighting bugs frozen in time.

And me……………………

I stand there, on the edge, with a black abyss beneath me…………………..heavy thoughts weight me down.
Just remember you drove me to this, with your thoughtless words and dismissive ways, with your harsh looks and secretive actions. A heart like mine is fragile and the tape that holds the pieces together can easily become unstuck. And as the pieces fall their place is filled with a hopeless void.

So I stand here,

looking down, wondering if there is another way, but my heart tells me there is not. This is the only way to rid myself of the empty space that now fills me. And the step forward I take is an easy one, freeing me from all my pain. As the air rushes by, its voice is soothing, telling me that soon everything will be ok. Then for a second I feel crumpled and broken, but this soon passes to peace as the cold water embraces me, filling me. And soon my mind is free and my heart no longer broken……………… longer beating, not for you, not no more.

And in the time to come you will stand there, looking over me and wonder how it came to this…………………but just remember……………you drove me to this!!!!!